Promotional printing and embroidery

We carry out advertising printing and embroidery work on work and leisure clothes, textiles, sportswear and other products.

We will provide high-quality layout services and advise which printing method is the most suitable - thermal printing, screen printing or embroidery.

Thermal press

Signs, text or other graphics are cut from colored film with a special device and transferred onto the product using a hot press. Thermal printing can be transferred to various types of fabrics and materials, it is important that the product is resistant to high temperatures.

The uniqueness of thermal printing:

  • this printing method does not require long preparatory work;
  • the note can be printed very quickly;
  • suitable for printing in small editions.

Screen printing

Printing technology, when using a woven net of various densities, paint is applied to the product with the help of a brush. Paints are characterized by color richness, resistance to external influences, and can be used to produce relief of various thicknesses.

Uniqueness of screen printing:

  • the possibility of printing on various types of materials;
  • the created drawings are of high quality and much more durable than those created by digital printing or thermal methods;
  • the possibility to print not only very accurate linear images, but also multi-colored raster drawings;
  • a great way to quickly produce large quantities at an attractive price.


The process of transferring the logo onto the fabric with the help of an embroidery machine. Using special software, the desired picture or pattern is programmed and transferred to the embroidery machine.

The uniqueness of the embroidery:

  • a wide selection of threads;
  • long lasting result;
  • exclusive appearance of the logo;
  • has a higher value than other logo placement methods.