Non-flammable cloth
Non-flammable cloth

Non-flammable cloth

Non-flammable cloth is a piece of non-flammable material 120x180 cm (A II standard) mad.. Read more
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Item description

Non-flammable cloth is a piece of non-flammable material 120x180 cm (A II standard) made of glass fiber cloth, with straps, with the help of which the non-flammable cloth can be removed from the package very quickly. The fire is extinguished with it: the hearth of the fire is carefully covered with a cloth, oxygen cannot get inside and the fire goes out. This cloth should be used to cover the entire ignited material or device well to prevent air from entering. Without additional air, the fire will suffocate. Fire is caused by three factors - combustible material, heat and oxygen. The fire is extinguished by removing at least one of the three components. In this case, thanks to the non-flammable cloth, the fire is extinguished by separating the oxygen. A non-flammable cloth can be used to extinguish grease on a frying pan, household appliances on fire (when using an electrical device, it must first be unplugged) or a person whose clothes are on fire. The non-flammable cloth can be used only once, because the person himself is not competent to assess how much the cloth was damaged during the extinguishing process. If the fire has damaged the fabric, using it a second time, you can no longer protect yourself. Non-flammable cloth is not washable, because washing in the machine can damage the structure of this cloth and when extinguishing a fire, it may no longer protect against the spread of fire.


LST EN1869: 2000
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Non-flammable cloth

Non-flammable cloth