Underpants FILLIT
Underpants FILLIT
Underpants FILLIT
Underpants FILLIT
Underpants FILLIT

Underpants FILLIT

FILLIT underpants are designed for work, with a special knitting technology that reduce.. Read more
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Item description

The FILLIT underpants are designed for work, with special knitting technology to reduce the chance of injury at work. Thanks to modern technology and yarn combinations, blood circulation and other thermoregulatory processes are improved in specific areas of the body. The unique construction of the product adapts to every body, allowing people who are active, work and play sports to feel comfortable. Thanks to innovative materials, the body always remains dry. The use of polypropylene yarn with silver thread gives the products antibacterial properties, preventing the accumulation of sweat bacteria and bad odour. Very easy to care for, polypropylene yarn evaporates moisture very quickly after washing.


black / grey
59% polyamide / 34% polypropylene / 5% elastane / 2% silver thread
Available sizes
S/M | L/XL | 2XL
Underpants FILLIT

Underpants FILLIT